BAK, Utrecht, Netherlands
7 February – 26 April, 2013
Collaboration with Anthropocene Observatory: team member, camera and editing.
The Anthropocene Observatory a collective project by Territorial Agency, Armin Linke and Anselm Franke.
Research exhibition and discursive environment that proposes to rethink the contemporary world through the prism of the “Anthropocene thesis.” The Anthropocene is understood as an epoch in geological chronology during which the global impact of human activities is inscribed onto planet Earth. This geohistorical era—marked by the domination of the human species—has brought along transformations that bear unprecedented consequences for all facets of our present and future. Through what ways of looking and knowing, of feeling and being, can we assess these radically altered circumstances? What (future) vocabularies of politics, science, and art might enable us to know, envision, and do things otherwise?

Bak Anthopocene Observatory

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