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OFF-Biennale Budapest

TAKING TIME Exhibition project of Critique & Culture e. V. | The event is part of the OFF-Biennále Budapest program. Giulia Bruno (IT/DE), Nicoline van Harskamp (NL), Zsolt Vásárhelyi & Kati Simon(HU/DE) Curated & organised by Kati Simon and Zsolt Vásárhelyi Exhibition opening: 30.09.2017 at 6 pm Exhibition period: 30.09– 22.10.2017 Open: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Thu […]


COLLECTIF ESSAI: Lisa Bergmann, Giulia Bruno, Klemens Czurda, Victor Fancelli, Florian Haag, Alper Kazokoglu, Armin Linke, Charles Mallison and Kerstin Möller Artist collective shows documentaries in “A Government of Time”. In the December 12th, 2015 commencing exhibition A Government of Time in the archives of the House Rebuild Foundation in Chicago and the “Collectif Essai” will […]


BAK, Utrecht, Netherlands 7 February – 26 April, 2013 Collaboration with Anthropocene Observatory: team member, camera and editing. The Anthropocene Observatory a collective project by Territorial Agency, Armin Linke and Anselm Franke. Research exhibition and discursive environment that proposes to rethink the contemporary world through the prism of the “Anthropocene thesis.” The Anthropocene is understood as […]


FILMMAKERFEST, Spazio Oberdan, Milan, Italy 7th December, 2014 Film in collaboration with Lida Perin. The film was selected to be screened in the Filmmakerfest festival in Milan. “What do we really know about water? Its background noise is a constant companion of our daily lives. We end up so accustomed to it, that it becomes […]