Giulia Bruno, works with film and photography. After her MA in Biology at Università degli Studi di Milano, she studied Photography at the CFP Bauer and Cinema at the Civic School for Cinema, in Milan. Her artistic practice is time-based, primarly focused on identity, technology, language, architecture and on the contemporary contradictions occurring in the interaction between these spaces. Her visual works includes practice-based researches, all presented in form of films and photographic series. Since several years she is working on the topic of artificiality and artificial language.
She collaborates on a long terms basis with the artist Armin Linke within the production of Armin Linke Studio and with the researcher and writer Hannah Meszaros Martin from Forensic Architecture and Centre for Research and Architecture – Goldsmiths University London, for the film and artistic research project “La Tierra Proscrita” in Colombia.
In the last years, she has collaborated with several artists, researchers and institutions; among others: Bruno Latour for the SPEAP Project, Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, ETH Zurich University, Anthropocene Observatory, The University of Texas at Austin and TB21, Vienna.